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Who was the Rosina? A creature like many, was born in this sunny corner of Veneto and lonely, '' na pute co '' and dress, 'and sgalmarete to foot, "quick and lively, with big green eyes and dark hair. She is married Nardi, bricklayer, and quickly became the mother of three children, but the hard necessities of the time, the lack of jobs, forcing the man to emigrate. In the midst of World War I, Rosina is one day have to fight for his life and the lives of children. Pass through these places beardless direct the mountain infantry weapons and backpacks bundling of demand, the unfolding of the doors, water and a smile, to remember mothers and wives away. Rosina invented the familiar flavor of a hot soup for those who dig trenches or roads along the mountain track: no courage, determination in every action, love of life, hope for a better tomorrow for themselves and their loved ones. At the end of the war the family comes together: Rosina gave birth to two other creatures. As compensation for the many sacrifices Nardi and Rosina now have the nest egg hoped to build a house and start a small business. The resourcefulness of the woman is once again the heart of everything: 'na botegheta "with a few things is the first step, but then becomes important that the Osteria prosperous day by day, offering diners a genuine wine accompanied by simple dishes and household items. Rosina is good, indefatigable hunters step willingly stop for a snack, offer to cook the hares, birds and deer. And suddenly she is still a craft with intelligence and courage: the room immediately becomes the new dignity for accuracy and to do so. At the end of World War II sees in his youngest son, just back from Russia, the new strength to continue his work. He tells her his secret, he is near, generous with advice and help, so that the product of so many labors and restaurant that bears his name, keep all the good tradition of hospitality and cuisine. The son and his wife, enlarge, improve, introduce new facilities to meet new requirements, but the imperative is to first warm human relationships, of genuine and work very seriously. And still, for this, so many years after his death, and now the current local entrepreneur is the niece, Rosina ideally every customer receives. In his name is given to everyone to be received with sincere cordiality, meet up with old friends including flavors and fragrances. Since 1917 the restaurant La Rosina

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Emperors of Elis Bellotti

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